How time abroad and changing jobs can improve your resume and your life

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Who am I and what do I want to do with my life? These are some of life’s biggest questions. Some people are lucky enough to be born with a clear, unwavering vision of what they are supposed to do with their limited time on earth. But most of us are not that fortunate. In fact, most people I have met over the course of my life have no idea what they really want. So what can we do to change that?

Starting Appium via SSH on a remote server or from CI

Since I am setting up an Appium environment currently, I run into specific challenges here and there. I often saw that the Appium server is running on the same machine as the CI, but considering a bigger scale, this is not the way to go. The goal was to run the Appium server on a Mac Mini and start it via CI (Bamboo) and additionally be able to start it via code for (local) testing purposes.

The Problem

Either the SSH command is run from the CI or via code which brings two problems:

QA is dead, long live QA! A QA perspective


During the last years I read more and more articles about the “death” of QA, mostly written
from a developer perspective – and they disappointed me!

Articles like “Want Better Quality? Fire your QA Team”, “QA is dead. Long live QA!” or “The
Day the QA Department died
”. One slide that was a bit more optimistic was “QA is dead!
Long live the new QA!
” or this episode of the Testing Podcast with James Whittaker.

So what is happening? Do companies care less about quality?